Lupus Fatigue and Parenting

I woke up this morning and rewrecking-ballalized right away that it was going to be one of those day. A day driven by fatigue. Lupus fatigue is a funny thing. It’s not quite like the flu or just an overall rundown feeling. Some people liken it to being hit by a truck, or a ton of bricks. I always think of being hit by a wrecking ball. There’s the initial impact that filters through your body, and then, you’re just plastered to the side, swinging backwards with no hope of coming out of it until the momentum shifts and propells you forward again. Basically, it sucks.

Well, this morning, after I realized I couldn’t move and called in sick to work, I was struck suddenly with the fact that J was still asleep in the next room and needed to be taken to daycare. J’s dad (my¬†wonderful hubby) had already left for work, so somehow I needed to figure this out. After about a half an hour of half-awake contemplation (including those longing thoughts of just letting him stay in his crib all day…), I mustered up the strength to get him his sippy and get him up. But this morning, I pulled him straight into bed with me, sippy in hand, and let him snuggle and revel in the fact that he was getting to be in “Daddy’s bed” – and I got another half hour of rest.

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