Giving up on perfection

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I started this blog over a week ago, yet I am just now writing my first post. I’ve been thinking and thinking about what I should write, how I should write, when I should write – but haven’t actually started until just this minute. So why has it taken me so long to start? Quite simply, I wanted my inaugural post to be perfect. After all, I reasoned, it will set the tone for the entire blog. It needs to be profound, yet accessible; witty, yet truthful. It needs to be perfect.

And, so, it hasn’t been getting written.

After all, I can’t live up to perfection. Who can? So, as of my very first blog post, I’m giving up on perfection. This blog will end up an empty site if I don’t.

And, yet, giving up on perfection is the exact reason why I came up with this blog. Because I can’t be the perfect mom, although I will continue to strive to be. And, once again, that’s what makes me a good mom. Allowing myself to fail, each and everyday, but waking up the next morning and trying all over again.

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